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The goal of the Law Office of Kancelaria Prawna SSP is to provide our Customers with legal services of the highest quality, utilizing modern management techniques and innovative ways of solving any legal issue.

A distinguishing characteristic of the operational side of the Law Office of Kancelaria Prawna SSP is in offering our Clients our broad experience coupled with an open, modern approach to the interpretation and application of the law, which thanks to the high level of specialization of our jurists, allows for the implementation of new legal solutions, ensuring the effectiveness of our actions and positioning us on the cutting edge of the Polish legal services market.

Services offered by Kancelaria Prawna SSP, thanks to our team of attorneys with broad experience and high levels of specialization, cover the full range of legal issues, as well as competence in the broadly understood area of business and economic counseling.

Combining elements of legal assistance with our business consultancy capabilities are the result of our belief, that the actual economic objectives of our customers usually reach out beyond the area of a solely legal nature and therefore require a broader view on any presented issue.

The Law Office of Kancelaria Prawna SSP provides its services to both Polish and foreign Clients, and is privileged to have established relationships with many recognized companies operating in the Polish market and internationally.

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Field of Law

Thanks to our thorough knowledge and comprehensive practical experience, we can participate in significant and complex transactions ensuring the effectiveness and the highest level of expert services to our very demanding clients.

We advise inter alia on issues such as:

  • Establishing and sell ready made companies
  • Tax Law
  • Civil Law
  • Economic Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Construction Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Labour Law
  • Competition Law
  • Administrative Law


We provide legal and tax service for small, medium and large enterprises and entities.

However,  our clients include large group of individuals.




Knowledge and experience gained by our law firm while working for Polish and foreign entities, and counseling in advanced projects, guarantees the highest level of specialized services for demanding customers.


  • Doradztwo Prawne i Podatkowe - Łukasz Pasternak
  • Usługi dla Firm - SSP Łukasz Pasternak i Partnerzy
  • prawo budowlane i nieruchomości
  • spory sądowe
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sprzedaż Spółek - SSP Łukasz Pasternak
Kancelaria Prawna SSP Łukasz Pasternak i Partnerzy
Kancelaria Prawna SSP Łukasz Pasternak i Partnerzy


Field od Law

Comprehensive legal services for businesses | Legal advising | Tax advising | Tax havens | Drafting of contracts | Negotiating contracts | Legal analyzes | Opinions and legal information | Litigation and arbitration | Representation before courts | Representation before the National Board of Appeal | Representation before tax authorities | Criminal Law | Registration of companies | Ready Made Companies |  Consultancy in the process of restructuring | Protection of property | Cases of divorce | tax optimization | tax planning | Private foundations abroad | The company in Cyprus | The company in the Czech Republic | The Company outside the EU | Private Banking | The company in the EU | Trusty | tax residence | Fiduciary Services | Virtual Office | Training | VAT refund

Civil Law | Family Law | Inheritance Law | Criminal Law | Construction Law | Real Estate Property | Companies Law | Economic Law | Bankruptcy Law | Tax Law | Labour Law | Competition Law | Banking Law | Administrative Law  | Intelectual Property Law | Public Procurement Law | International Law | White Collar Crimes  | Debt Colletion | Compensation | Fiduciary Service | Bitcoins |

Founder and Managing Partner

Łukasz Pasternak
adw. Łukasz Pasternak

advocate Łukasz Pasternak

Founder and Managing Partner

Łukasz Pasternak is advocate, member of the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

He has extensive experience in companie, tax, civil and ecomomic law.

He is the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of criminal law, commercial law and public procurement law, in numerous prestigious law journals.

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